The Heart of a Woman

The Full Story

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Sometimes you have to fight for yourself! Many will not see your worth and want to take from you. This is when you enter the ring for the biggest match of your life, because it is your life. So fight for it. You can WIN!

You are in control of your destiny, let no one detour you from being the best you, you can be!

Take the Time to Love Yourself, Never let anyone tell you are not beautiful!

The Vision – Hope, Dream, Believe


We live in a society that ignores the struggles of a woman. As a child she dreams of being with the one who will love her until the end of time, the wedding day and the house. Only to find that vision of happily ever after will be shattered and she will find herself lost and feel hopeless.

This woman is a woman who lives in the shadows of her mate.  She feels that everything that is happening to her is her fault, losing her self esteem shrinking in the darkness of her mind.  She does not feel she can escape and because of her children she feels she has to suffer through the abuse.

Envision her with selective things she is able to do and yet she has to fulfill the needs of her mate answering to his every call.

We have to change this and put the strength of a woman voice back where she can hear it. This is a building process because of the years and the layers of abuse and scars.  We have to create a new foundation in which she can stand on and help her to know that it will not sink like quick sand.

A place with other woman present that has similarities in the struggles of shaking the abuse, building her up step by step until she no longer leans or bends she stands and she stands strong.

We must help her to realize her beauty is not just the outer but the inner beauty.  Let her know when she looks at herself in the mirror she is beautiful and strong. Help her to become independent and break away from the word that rings in her ear “you are worthless”.

Building her self esteem put the smile back into her heart and be the woman who walks in the boldness of knowing who she is.

A place where she grows mentally, physically and spiritually, realizing that she is not what she has been fed and shake the dark cloud that has been cast over her head raining rocks that constantly beats one beat after the other of negativity.

We can help her be strong by providing various programs of self sufficiency, turning negatives to positives and providing her with the tools that she would need to succeed.

I Am Woman, a New Beginning

Image by Rod Long

The                Mirror of Your Past is Gone Look Forward to Brightness of Your Future!
You Got This!!! You Win!!!

I am Strength, I am Purpose

A Woman’s Heart

One of the most beautiful things in the world is a woman’s heart. It is fragile yet strong. Delicate yet resilient. When a woman gives you her heart, she gives her most prized possession. If you love, nurture, cherish, and protect it, she’ll give you the world.



I Speak Life


I have decided today that I will not surround myself with negative thoughts or negative people. I will pamper myself and love myself. I will give myself affirmation of my beauty and walk with confidence in it. I am beautiful from the inside out. I can conquer anything I put my mind to. I will be a great wife and mother. If no one feels they would like to love me I will love myself enough and walk away until the right person comes along. I am respectful of myself at all times. I will not allow myself to get caught up in anything that makes me feel less than I am. I am a queen and will be treated as such. I will not let pride overtake me. I will not let no one steal my self esteem. I will tell myself daily I am a good person with a good heart. I will validate my self. I will not let anyones words have impact that will cause me to look down on myself. I am a jewel. I am a great woman. I am strong and empowered. I can do it all. I can finish school. I can go back to school. I can lead by example. I am encouraged to be the best me I can be. I am confident in knowing I will finish anything I start. I will make my visions and dreams a reality. I will reach my goals. I will start my business. I will take time for me. I am free from all the baggage. I will not let darkness consume my life. My past is my past and I will look forward to my future. I will not let anyone define me as a woman. I am deserving of happiness. I am secure in myself. I will not settle for less. I will take time for myself. I will not be afraid to love or receive love. I will strive to be a better me daily. I am strong. I am empowered. I am worthy of the wait. I will believe in myself. I  will value my gems and not give them up so freely. I will speak life to myself daily. I will love my best self.



Closing the chapter of your Past, Living in your Present, Looking forward to your Future!

You are stronger than you think


Keep fighting for yourself, your


life and your freedom, you are


worth it

Love Yourself

Your Mindset

Purpose: Becoming my Better, Best, Self

Traffic Long Exposure

New   Beginings

Say to Yourself I am Traveling a New Road and I will stay the Course

Let's Be Supportive

I am Strength

I am Power

I am More than Enough

I owe it to myself as I start this journey to dig deep, uncover, release, cry until cleansed of all hurt, pain, guilt, self pity, any thing that would block me from moving forward in my journey. I will face my fears and doubts with boldness and strength saying to myself I can overcome anything. It may be Years, Months, Hours, Minutes, Seconds or Days but I am determined to get to the best me in this journey and I will not let nothing or no one deter me, discourage me or turn me back. Its my journey and I am ready to walk it to my Healing. I'm starting now and I will stay the course.

I'm Ready to Release the Weight

Purpose - Vision - Goals - Achieved - Winning

Take the time to attend to yourself, love yourself,. Get a massage, a facial, nails and toes done. Drink a glass of wine listen to music that calms the soul. Take a day where you don't answer no calls. Every woman needs some me time to regroup. Order a meal make your own schedule if you want to sleep late sleep late, whatever you want to do, do it for you. Lavish your own self with gifts, look in the mirror tell yourself I LOVE you, you are gorgeous and beautiful inside and out. You are awesome, spectacular, amazing. Always take time for youself at least once a month, twice if necessary. Loving me is easy.Peace, tranquility. 

Pamper Yourself



I Love Me

I love my skin, the texture of my hair, the smile I give, my self esteem is high, I love my confidence, I love my career and the strides I have made, I love loving me, I love looking in the mirror and seeing a beautiful, gorgeous, strong, empowered, educated, one of a kind, bold, awesome, happy, fulfilled, joyful woman. I LOVE ME


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