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2020 is Almost Gone

As we approach the end of 2020 we reflect on all the things we have been through. The ups and downs, ins and outs. It has taught us many things about ourselves. We have realized our strengths and our weaknesses.

You can say it has been challenging at times. Many have had loved ones to transition and are still dealing with the struggle of them not being there. COVID19 hit hard in some families, very hard. This virus has taught us to appreciate the little things in life, just the thought of breathing or living to see another day.

We had become such a microwave, drive thru people that God had to put a halt so we could back to the basics of family. Since sitting in the midst of COVID you had to put down the cell phone and actually talk to one another. You learned somethings about your children that you didn't know. You may have even dusted off that dream and started working on that business again. So in a sense COVID is not all that bad it has some positive to it. The best positive for some is the rest that they so needed.

It has taught us to be appreciative for the little things and we have learned how to simplify our process. The items we would normally focus on seems not important. Some have even learned there way around the kitchen. A more healthy eating lifestyle and even exercise so wont gain the COVID weight. All in all COVID 19 had purpose. Our eyes have been opened to things we forget. We have learned to forgive and let go because we realize life is too short.

So as we leave 2020 and all that she carried we look forward to 2021 with excitement. New beginnings, new vision and new opportunities.

Thank you 2020 for all the lessons you taught me and for the things you have shown me that are more important.

Are you ready for 2021

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