The Woman's Pledge

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I pledge to be true to myself, to love me when others do not see my worth, to build myself up when others want to tare me down. To vow to never let anyone steal my confidence or take away my self esteem. To know the woman that I am and the grounds that I stand on. To believe in myself that I deserve better and will not settle for less or lower my standards for acceptance. To be strong and stay the course that will push me into my destiny. I vow to be the protector of my own heart and let no one or nothing make me what I am not designed to be. I vow to not accept any abuse of any kind that will make me feel less than I am as a woman. I vow to learn how to be self supportive and learn how to be by myself when it involves an unhealthy relationship. I vow to push through my pain and unwavering never settling for less. I vow to always respect myself as a woman in words and in what I wear. I vow to LOVE me and to know I am worthy. My present state will determine my future opportunity. I vow to be the Woman I was meant to be.

I promise to be true to who I am. I will honor the words I have read above to the best of my ability. 


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Our Mission

To build a community of women whose hearts have skipped a beat or two from the pressures and disappointments of life. We will be the voice to encourage, uplift and build up, to be strength when weak and the filler when the heart is broken into pieces, the hope, light and the smile that keeps each other lifted.

Our Vision

Building a Sisterhood like no other, tied together in faith, hope and love. Reminding our sisters we are strong.We are powerful, We will be the voice to be heard and never silenced.Visionaries, builder of dreams together, always striving to be our better best selves. Encouraging our sisters.

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I will Leave a Legacy

I have dreams that I will fulfill I have visions that I will make a reality, my legacy will be impactful, my steps to change in what I have learned in this journey will be documented, My experiences is a map for those who come behind me to follow a legacy that is unforgettable, the gift that will keep on giving

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Time to Start Dreaming Again

I will not live in the fear of my past. No longer will I allow the things that cause me harm to effect me. I will not live in fear of your opinions of me, the  fear of the bruises that are long gone but I think someone can see. The fear of being judge for loosing everything. The fear of being homeless and unable to take care of my family. The fear that cause me to think I can not get back on my feet. The fear of failing, the fear of not reaching my full potential.  The fear of embracing who I am. I fear the acceptance of me because I am ashamed of who I am. The fear of the being able to reveal my sexuality. The fear of facing my fears because I feel I will not recover from visiting such a dark place. The fear of my lifestyle coming back to haunt me. The fear of bad decisions. The fear of giving of my self to someone who loves me unconditionally, because I don't think I'm worthy. The fear of not living in my truth. The fear of the weight that I carry, the judgement of my looks, my size the color of my skin. Because of the things that happened to me I fear leaving my house. The fear of being in public. The fear from the after affects of rape, the fear of being robbed again. The fear that has consumed my life from all the hurt, pain, bruises, violations, loss, sufferings, misuse, criticism, the fear of silencing those voices in my head, the fear of releasing the load that is weighing me down. Fear we can see it in your eyes, in your demeanor the way you sit, stand and walk. What are your fears? Are you ready to face them?

I Will Face My Fears - You Have No More Control - I Will Live Life

take it one Step at a time.....Get Help......Speak to someone


Prayer Changes things and People







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Like Yourself enough to Love Yourself to Better