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Welcome to 2AWomansHeart. This site is all about you, our Queens! Our purpose is to Uplift, Motivate, Encourage and Empower Women. It's a place where you can find something that will give you the peace, comfort and strength. You will also find that in your journey you are not alone. Your strength is unmatched and your courage to push through has made you the women you are today. This site is to share life's ups and downs, as well as rejoice in your triumphs. Women go through so much and we all have a story. Let's build this sisterhood together. Take the time to explore, leave comments and suggestions. 


Purpose: Becoming Your Better Best, Self

All About Me
Renna Thomas

My name is Renna Thomas, I am 60 years of age. About 3 years ago I was sitting in my room reflecting on my life, the conversations I've had with my friends and I realized we didn't have an outlet. A place that would provide positive, words that would provide inspiration. 

It was just all in my mind and quickly I pushed it to the back. However, day and night God was speaking to me to create a website for women, and yet again I tried to brush it off until one day I just sat up in my bed and I created the website for women. To my surprise God told me to scrap it and start again, so I did.

As I was putting the site together I realized in my journey, we as women have to fight hard for a position. Whether at work or at home. The tv shows were showing us in a negative light and some conversations I had with some coworkers and friends always seemed to be a downer. So, I said to myself we need a place that will provide encouragement and motivation. Words that are uplifting and empowering. 

In my journey I have experience the loss of a child, the death of a mother from pancreatic cancer and a father who was murdered. I wanted to provide something different that would inspire women. A place that would help heal the broken places. Somewhere if you don't want to talk bout it you may read something that would give you what you need. A place that would inspire us as women to become our better best selves. I say fill up on what you need.

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Welcome to our Sisterhood! Thank you for being on this journey with us


I am Strength, I am Purpose

Ladies make you a check list of what you will and will not accept when dating or in a relationaship and stick to it. You deserve the best so learn how to walk away if its not right, the right person will LOVE you how you are supposed to be LOVED and if you can wait and do it God's way you will never go wrong
Try it and See

Time to Start Dreaming Again





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