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I'm Still Waiting

Right now I know a lot of women who are still single and wondering if that special someone will ever show up. At times you want to say forget it if it has not happen by now its not going to happen. But then the question still remains are you really ready? Are you set in your ways? If he was to come along would you be willing to share your space with him.

Sometimes we think we are ready when in fact we are not. There are a lot of things to consider when you decide to enter a relationship. Will you compare what the last person did in this relationship or are you healed enough that you will not take old baggage into a new situation.

There is a time for healing because some of the things we say we have healed from we really have not. When we get to a certain age our tolerance for stupidity is zero. This is why we need to ask ourselves the question what are my expectations? What did I learn from the last relationships that I refuse to take to the new relationship. Lastly, are you ready?

In July of this year I turned 60 and I said to myself if it has not happened it probably will not. I'm sure like many other woman you dive into other things to keep you occupied. We need to realize deep down every woman wants to be love, not just any kind of love but real love. A love that will nurture and care for you, willing accept the flaws and your imperfections, someone who will see the best in you when you feel your worse.

What we need do is just pray and ask God to send him because if he sends him without us picking for ourselves we will have a much better result. So don't be discouraged love has not arrived at your door yet, make sure you are ready when it does. This means being healthy and whole, understanding what you require and the things you will not tolerate. Most of all realizing that the relationship is a partnership not a dictatorship.

Sometimes we think we are ready when we are not. Remember you can't make him be something that he is not ready to be. You are not perfect and neither is he. Learn the art of compromise and choosing your battles wisely. Continue to work on self.

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