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Love Yourself Enough Not to Settle

When it comes down to dating or being in a relationship, you have to love yourself enough not to settle. We as women need to know what we expect when it comes down to dating and don't take a back seat to your expectations.

We all want to be loved but you can't be okay with a mate who does not show you more than what they say. I was always told love wasn't only spoken but it was shown.

You have to cut the chord for your own sanity. If they don't feel that they want to commit then let them go, it takes nothing from you. It takes more from you to stay in a relationship that suffocates you and provide you no benefits. We have to realize that relationships are a two way street, not a one way.

It takes two to make a relationship work. Just like when you start a new job you have to learn that job you have to learn your relationship. However, usually when you apply for a job it is in a field that you feel you have experience in and desire to do.

We give so much of ourselves and get so little in return. It's time to change the direction and sit it out until you find that someone who wants to commit, put the time in and see your worth.

If they don't see your worth that is something you need to take notice of, because it is important. We deserved to be love whole heartedly. I've chosen me when it comes down to not getting what I wanted from the relationship. Men chose themselves when they will or will not do what you expect them to.

Please understand most men know what they want when they meet you. It really does not take them that long to figure it out. If you allow them to pull you along without any expectations or requirements that's what they will do. We need to know what we want out of the relationship before we enter the relationship and stick to it.

Never let anyone decide what is best for you. You deserved to be loved totally. We all need work and none of us are perfect, so we learn as we go. The two who are in the relationship needs to be willing to work, you can't do the work by yourself. That's why its call a relationship it takes two.

I always say it will never work if you are on the same road going opposite directions. Will there be problems of course but if you know who you are and how to communicate what your needs are you should be okay. Communication is the key. I've been in a relationship that I terminated because my mate wanted to dictate to me what he wanted me to do. What I should say and how I should respond, basically trying to silence my voice and I will never let that happen. My voice is just as important as his voice his and so is yours.

Get to know what you want from a relationship and keep the timeline of your expectations unless you and him have a conversation to delay. Remember the saying why buy the cow when you continue to get the milk for free, as well making babies for someone who is not committed.

Just think about it.

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