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Is there a Next Move

In life we have many struggles things that happen that throws us off our square. What do you do when there is no next move? What do you do when you are backed into a corner? Life ups and downs consist of loss of job, financial stresses, death, hurt, disappointments. We go through so many things and at time we have no one to depend on but ourselves. The weight becomes to heavy to carry, depression creeps in and anxiety rises. Our minds are constantly working trying to figure out how to get out of an uncomfortable situation. You have gotten to a point that trusting others is not a great things and you feel you don't want anyone to judge you for the hardship you sit in. You are fighting this battle all by yourself and it rough. You thing you got a hold of it but you find that you really don't you become more and more frustrated with the weight of the world.

Well I suggest you take it to Jesus. I know your faith wavers because mine do to. Don't feel like you are walking this journey all by yourself and even think that you are alone in the journey you walk because you are not. The problem may not be as intense as your problem but it still an unsolved problem that continues to cause stress in your life.

I want you to hang in there continue to pray and keep looking to God don't take your focus off of him he got you. Just remember his timing is not our timing so while we press forward just know that your miracle, your breakthrough is on the way. As you I talk to you I talk to myself because I have dealt with the things you have dealt with. It may not have been in the same time but it was the same situation.

God gives his battles to his toughest soldier and we have to remember that. We also should remember he will not put more on us than we can bear. So hang in there and be encouraged we will win this battle we just have to stay strong and looking to God for strength.

We will come back and look at this post and say thank you Jesus for coming out on the other side with any scratches or bruises but victorious.

Much Love Ladies Be encouraged

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