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Stepping Out on Faith

OK so this morning I posted some pictures and I need to explain them or I want to explain them. 2020 was a rough year for all of us and I feel that in the past we have always kept some of our true selves to ourselves and that is perfectly fine but we joined as a nation for the pandemic the riots and all the foolery that has been going on all year long.

I am still hurting about losing my mom and I tend to target cutting my hair so this year on January 1 2021 I decide to take some clippers to it and I tell you it feel great ! I’m not gonna wear it out because of course it’s too cold however this is me as my best friend said stepping out on faith . I have a lot of confidence in myself that I had to learn as I got older so that is no question about it however a very close friend of mine stated to me that I bring confidence to a lot of people and I hope I do just that but to be honest with you, you guys bring confidence to me. She stated that I make people feel like it’s OK to be yourself and I’m hoping I’m doing a great job because you guys are helping me be myself .

It is OK to be yourself without worrying about what other people are saying about you . We all have confidence in ourselves even if it’s a little bit or a whole lot I was worried because showing a little bit of my true self and my true feelings . It can be very scary because no matter how much we say we don’t care about what people think truth is we do a little .

This is the year where I turn 50 and this is the year all of the divas out here need to join together in union we really need to stop bashing each other and start lifting each other up it is OK for someone to have or do better than you no matter what you say there’s always somebody doing or looking or having something or someone better than you it should give you motivation to do better instead of just sitting there complaining or finding fault in someone. It’s very odd how everybody can remember the bad things you’ve ever done in your life but never remember the good stuff you have ever done . I am here to back up every female, sister, diva no matter what color you are I’m here and I got your back!

We need to stand together ladies just like this country we need to stand together to make sure we are holding our own I am going through something personal in my life I’m sure some of you guys know others don’t but don’t worry I’m sure you’ll figure it out later I’m not here to put that part of my life on Facebook however I’m cutting out the old and bringing in the new everything in my pass at least some of it is already in the trash ( NOT MY WIGS) LOLOL I appreciate every comment every text message every messenger message I got from all my friends and family I’m sorry all of you guys are my family I needed that boost of confidence because I need to know and move on about my mom‘s death and sometimes family and friends always have the right words to say.

In 2021 I’m leaping on faith and God as I always do I hope everyone have a very safe and happy 2021 so far this is a new year a new beginning sometimes it’s going to be new Fuckery and foolery however this is the year we make a difference joining together find me some form of love in your heart and make it grow we have had too much losses and anger we need to do better nature has already spoken now it’s time for us to speak!!!

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